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ARK Vitality Body Wash

ARK > ARK Vitality Body Wash

A gentle, soap-free body cleanser with Sea Minerals, Coconut and Shea Butter.


• Produces a rich lather, hydrating the skin and maintaining the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

• Conditions the surface of the skin and locks in moisture leaving the skin looking supple, healthy and revitalised.



Use a generous amount, applying all over body while showering or add to warm running water in your bath. Rinse off with warm water.


ARK Essential Skincare: Targeted treatments for the face and body

We have developed additional facial skincare and body care products for use across all three age-related product ranges. These products are designed to give essential support to your ARK daily regime and give targeted skincare treatments to specific areas of the face and body using ingredients that complement and enhance your core skincare products.

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Size: 200ml
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