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EGO Professional Ego Therapy Cold Iron


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Professional Ego Therapy Cold Iron


This amazing cold conditioning iron actually conditions hair by using infrared light and clever ultrasound pulsing to deliver hydration, protein and nutrition right into the core of your hair.


Ultrasonic Cold Therapy Infrared technology works by a process named ‘nano technology’. In a nutshell this means that magnetic ultrasounds pulsating at 36,000 times per second cause the molecular structure of pre-applied hair treatment products to become miniaturised so that they can penetrate deeper into the shaft of your hair. This process allows all the goodness to soak in and the superfast vibrations promote the production of essential amino acids and proteins which form the building blocks of your hair’s structural make up.

This incredible new conditioning tool gives superior condition to all types of hair resulting in notably stronger, silkier, shinier and healthier hair as it’s very unique technology helps to repair the hair shaft and seal the cuticle down. Simply shampoo and condition on wet hair for hydration, if you want more intense results use a leave-in treatment conditioner - then treat your hair to some sensational nano pampering.


  •  Features infrared pulsing technology for silkier, shinier hair.
  • Can be used with any conditioning or hair treatment products
  • One year warranty


*Please note this appliance is a conditioning tool not a straightening iron

*This appliance is only to be used on wet hair for conditioning benefits

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