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Fudge Membrane Gas - High Hold Factor

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Membrane Gas is the perfect alternative to a styling paste! Spray and Go! The fibrous, strong, hold gas allows users to shape and size their hair whilst providing shine and adding volume. The gas delivers flexability (bendable hold) without the stiffness, and with a hol of factor 10, can be used to styling or finishing gas to mould, texturise or hold. It will dry instantly, can be brushed out easily and it is also shampoo soluble.


This is all accompanied by its UVA/UVB filter.


How to use:


  • On damp hair, hold can 15 cm/ 6 inches from head

  • spray in any direction of your style design.


  • On dry hair, hold can 50 cm/ 20 inches from head

  • spray evenly over finished style

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Size: 150g
£ 11.20

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