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Moo Free Dairy Free Cranberry & Hazelnut Bar

Moo Free > Moo Free Dairy Free Cranberry & Hazelnut Bar

dairy free | gluten free | wheat free | lactose free | vegetarian | vegan

This large fruit & nut bars are made with award winning, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate topped with delicious, juicy, organic cranberries and hazelnuts. The organic cranberries are soaked in apple juice to give them a sweet taste and moist texture which makes a perfect companion for the crunchy, organic hazelnuts. For fans of fruit and nut milk chocolate who have a dairy allergy, are lactose intolerance or follow a gluten free or vegan diet this dairy free fruit and nut chocolate bar really is a dream come true.


Each Moo Free Cranberry & Hazelnut Bar is wrapped in bright, eye catching packing featuring Clawdia Cat.


Moo Free brings you all the flavour of great tasting milk chocolates with orange but know how to make it without using any milk. 

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Size: 100g
£ 2.50

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