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OPI Brights 2016 - Mini Pack


OPI > OPI Brights 2016 - Mini Pack

OPI nail polish is used in professional nail salons all over the world on both acrylic and natural nails.


Brights mini pack containing 4 x mini shades from Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass

OPI is celebrating the May 2016 release of DISNEY'S ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS with a new Brights collection inspired by the film’s mad, crazy, wonderful characters and their latest adventures.


The collection features eight insanely gorgeous limited-edition shades plus a bonus special edition nail lacquer in both Nail Lacquer and GelColor.


4 X Mini Nail Lacquers 3.75 mL 

  • The I's Have it

  • Oh My Majesty!

  • I'm Gown for Anything!

  • Havign a Big Head Day

How To Use:

  • To apply, begin at the centre of your nail, approximately a couple of mm from your cuticle.

  • Let the bristles fan out for maximum coverage and with each brush stroke, brush out to the free edge.

OPI  Nail Lacquers contains no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde, and features OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application. 


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Size: 15ml
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