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St.Tropez Self Tan Dark Mousse


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In the best selling self tan formulation, this super lightweight velvety mousse is easy to apply.


By containing hydrating aloe vera gel combined with new Vegetan Premium, a patented active DHA that promotes a rich natural colour and offers protective antioxidant benefits, the Self Tan Dark Mousse delivers the quickest and deepest bronze yet.

How to Use

  • Exfoliate prior to use

  • Moisturise hands, elbows, knees, feet and any light hair

  • Apply with a Tan Applicator Mitt

  • Glaze lightly over well moisturised hands and feet

  • Wait until touch dry before getting dressed

  • For best results apply at night and allow 4-12 hours before showering

  • To maintain, Body Polish every 2-3 days and moisturise every day for hydration

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Size: 200ml
£ 22.90

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