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St.Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse


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St Tropez's most advanced and easy to use formula yet, perfect for a light glow in just 1 hour or a deep bronze when left on for just 3 hours. This product works extremely well with other products such as St. Tropez Powder Bronzer Matte, Tan Enhancing Body Polish 200ml and Applicator Mitt. With +95% 4-5 star ratings, Customize your tan by choosing when to shower:


  • 1 Hour Development = Healthy Glow

  • 2 Hours Development = Golden Bronze

  • 3 Hours Development = Dark Tan

How to Use:

  • Pump onto the Applicator Mitt then apply in a gentle gliding motion, working from the feet and legs up your body.

  • Wait until the tan is dry before you re-dress

  • WAITING TIME FOR RINSE DEPENDS ON YOUR DESIRED SHADE. Wait either 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours before you wash with warm water. (It is recommended to not wear the tan for more than 3 hours)

  • Once washed/showered, the self tan actives will work for up to 8 hours to generate your chosen shade that lasts for days. 

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Size: 200ml
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