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Flip flop pedicure time

1st June 2014

The sun is out and it's time to show off our feet after hibernating all winter. But before we can put on our lovely summer footwear, we need to give our feet a much needed MOT.

To ease the embarrassment of showing your winter feet in public we suggest a Pedicure.

Nothing cheers me up more than a treat on my feet, especially PURA's Luxury Spa pedicure.

Not only does it leave you wonderfully relaxed but your feet will be soft, look gorgeous and you will feel exhilarated. I love the CND Marine Cooling Masque that the therapist puts in the feet, which leave them luxuriously soft, relieving you of dry patches and hardened skin.

For the summer a bright pedicure is a beauty classic that looks wonderful. My daughter said to me once. "Life is good when you have pretty, bright nails" and it really is true. After a stressful week a pedicure is all your need and for us ladies (and some men) a bright colour painted in your nails will put a smile back on your face. I love the neon colours, orange and green as well as white.

In between pedicures you should use a moisturiser on your feet before bed and cover them with cotton socks .When you wake up in the morning your feet will feel soft and free from dryness. When my feet need a deep cleanse and an energy boost, I use Tisserand Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil which also works as an antiseptic. In the summer we need to exfoliate our feet more often as we are more prone to dry skin when wear open shoes and sandals. After a long day get a bowl of warm water, pour in a few drops of any Tisserand Essential Oil and immerse you feet for 20 minutes. So easy and so lovely, this little oil is of excellent quality, there should have a place for it in all bathrooms.

So now that you know how to energise your feet, don't forget the flip flops when you book your pedicure this summer.

Tip: Moisturise your feet like you moisturise your face every day to avoid dryness.

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