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Active Resurface 35

Active Resurface 35

24th Nov 2014

You may consider yourself a skincare Guru, you may have an excellent skincare routine, you may know your AHAs from your BHAs… But no matter who you are, you need a professional exfoliation treatment.

Every day we are battered by pollutants in the air, the UV damage we sustain and our exposure to so many different chemicals. At least once a month it is necessary to exfoliate all this away and resurface our faces.

Now you may know the importance of exfoliation but the Active Resurface 35 facial is on a whole other level.

The products used are labelled ‘for professional use only’ for a reason. They are stronger and they go deeper. After a professional skincare treatment, your skin should instantly look brighter and feel smoother.

This 45 minute skin resurfacing treatment is an advanced skincare procedure that uses a combination of ingredients such as, Lactic acid and Salicylic Acid. Proteolytic Enzymes and peptides boost exfoliation. The aim of the treatment is to stimulate cell renewal, whilst targeting client’s additional concerns such as, dehydration, pigmentation, premature aging, sun damage and congestion.

As we age our skins ability to shed dead skin cells and produce new skin (a process called desquamation) slows down resulting in dull, dry looking skin that can often breakout in blemishes. This is because dry, loose skin cells trap dirt and oil in the pores.

Using a combination of cosmeceutical botanicals, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), this Dermalogica treatment achieves maximum results.

Because unlike other resurfacing treatments there is little inflammation, tissue damage or peeling, you can receive this treatment weekly. Due to the ability to customise its delivery, it is suitable for most skin types. And there are three different levels to ease your skin in gently.

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