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Boost your EGO

11th November 2015

I'm sure most women would agree that prepping and maintaining your hair can sometimes be a long and frustrating battle- we have to plan ahead by checking the weather, gauging the occasion etc, and even then, something could go wrong on the day like ending up with thick, bushy and static hair after blow drying. This was a regular occurrence for me, until I decided to do my research and stumbled across the Ego Professional range. I had bought most of the range, and I enjoy using them so much, that I decided to write about my favourites, in the order in which I like to use them whenever I need to make my hair look beautiful.

So after I wash my hair (when I have time!), I like to use leave in conditioner, but until I used the Ego Therapy Cold Iron, I realised using it just on its own is not effective as it could be. The Cold Iron looks like just a standard pair of straighteners, but in fact, they are not even straighteners, and you guessed it, they work when they are cold! The point of it is to really get the most out of your conditioner, and ready your hair to look noticeably healthier and shinier than ever! It does this by using infrared pulsing technology to break down the elements in the conditioner, which means that they can really get deep in the hair. The magnetic ultrasound pulsates 36,000 times per second to miniaturise the molecules of the product, and whilst this is happening, the vibrations promote the growth of proteins and amino acids which are the key ingredient to healthy hair. I had never seen a hair tool with this kind of technology, and I was extremely impressed with the results. This is just the first step however. The Cold Iron acts as preparation for drying then styling your hair, making it smooth, silky and easy to work with throughout the process. After I finish with the Cold Iron, my hair is now ready to be dried.

I really liked how all the Ego Professional hair tools looked: very sleek and modern, but it was the Ego Professional Smart Ego hair dryer which is the one that caught my eye the most- you can't really miss it with a touch screen display on the side! I had discovered that it is used by many celebrity hairdressers as well as in salons up and down the country, so I knew that it was worth investing in.

I know what you're thinking- yes it looks good, but does it work? I can answer that simply. Yes.

The Smart Ego touch screen controls allow you to increase volume, smoothness, condition and shine by altering the temperature and conditioning settings. These both have 3 options: low, medium and high. On top of this, the box includes a diffuser, 3 nozzles and 2 sectioning clips. All of these stay cool even when the highest temperature is chosen. These are the little things that give the Ego Professional products an edge over some other hair dryers, and they have definitely made sure to pay attention to detail on each part of the hair dryer, as even the wire is extra long so you dont have to awkwardly strain your neck whilst drying your hair! It is also very light, comfortable to hold and remembers the last setting you used. So next time your friends ask you how you got your hair looking so good, you can show them!

You could say that blow drying your hair is like building the foundation for the final product, and with that now comfortably out of the way, you can decide which style you would like to go with using other Ego Professional products. The one that I found particularly effective is the Ego Professional Boost Pod, Rollers & Clips Kit for curling. It is a new and unique product that I find never fails to deliver. Ego have taken everday essential hair tools and made them into futuristic technologies.

The clips and rollers in the Boost Pod kit may look like your typical tools, however the pod is what makes this product special. It infuses a completely unique heating system which uses Ego Professional's very own HW2 infrared technology along with a precious tourmaline stone that heats the rollers in around 5 seconds - that's right, 5 seconds! And you're good to go. The box includes rollers of 4x21mm, 4x31mm, 2x41mm and 10x clips, so whether you prefer to do small sections or all of your hair, Ego has you covered! It works on all hair types, and also comes with a velcro roller to make sure there are no buckled ends. The heat from the rollers means that you don't have to leave them in for hours like other ones, so there's no need to worry about nipping to the high street with your rollers still in! Just be sure to twist your fingers through your hair to really define the curls when you're done.

I always thought that the only way I could get such incredible looking hair was to pay top dollar in salons, but in reality, you can make one investment and be able to get salon quality hair in the comfort of your own home! So go on... Give your hair some Ego!

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