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Ego Professional

Ego Professional

10th Feb 2015

If you haven’t heard of Ego Professional, where have you been?

This amazing brand was developed to inspire SELF-expression with the use of expert styling tools. Created by hairdressers to be used professionally and at home, their strapline is ‘Technology before Technique’. Roughly translated this means at home you may not have the skilled techniques of a professional, but with the right technology in your hands you can get the required finish.

So with this in mind, they have created a range of styling tools to dry, curl and straighten your hair, all whilst treating it, whether you are at home or away.

The incredible technology the Ego Professional utilises is known as HW2 and Tourmaline. It is what gives the Ego styling tools the power to detox, de-stress and de-frizz hair whilst leaving it polished, shiny, healthy and manageable.

So what is HW2 and Tourmaline? HW2 is actually called Hwangto, it is a complex honeycomb structure of ceramic minerals. Tourmaline is a semiprecious gem stone, also known as the electric stone. They are both affected by heat and when heated emit negative ions, infrared rays and antibacterial properties.

Now read on for the science bit:

Negative ions break down excess water in the hair which enables moisture to penetrate the hair shaft and aids faster blow drying. In addition, negative ions eliminate static which encourages the cuticle layers to close smoothly. The result of smoothed cuticles is that the hair shafts better reflect the light, which results in incredible shine.

The added benefit of closed cuticle layers means that the hair shafts are protected from chemicals, the elements and normal daily wear and tear.

The infrared properties of Hwangto and Tourmaline means that the far-infrared emitted, gently and deeply penetrate heat. So rather that heating the air and damaging the cuticles of the hair from the outside, the infrared heat waves can travel deep into the hair so it is gently heated from within, leaving the outer layer of cuticles undamaged.

So how does Ego Professional put these powerful ingredients to use?

Well they crush them to a fine powder and infuse them into the internal components during the manufacturing process of each tool. This means they are present throughout the styling tool and so your hair is being hit from all directions by all this technological goodness.

Ego Professional has now gone one step further and introduced the Smart Ego blow dryer. This dryer, available at PURA in store and online, is amazing. Encompassing all that is Ego, it reduces drying time by more than half (70% faster). When compared to the leading manufacturer in styling tools, the hair was found to have suffered 66% less damage in comparison. With an LCD touchscreen, you are in complete control. You can increase your hair volume, smoothness, condition and shine.

This dryer is not just lightweight, it is super lightweight, with an extra-long cord to give more freedom of movement. The set comes with 3 attachment, a mirror and section clips. All in all, this blow-dryer is in a league of its own.

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