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Oh, Fudge!

15th May 2015

I love Fudge... It looks good, it smells good. So I was thinking about the Fudge Paintbox, yes, the Paintbox. What?? You thought I was talking about confectionary?? No, I mean FUDGE, the hair care brand.

Fudge is a fun, cool hairstyling range that has managed to carve out a place in the hair care world as being edgy, daring and creative.

And I love Fudge!!

I love the styling products, I love the hair maintenance lines, but right now I am head over heels in love with their Paintbox Extreme Colour range, their tag line... Go hard or go home!

They are semi-permanent colours that last from 3 – 30 washes. Each colour stains the hair cuticle layer while conditioning and increasing shine and lustre.

I don't know if it’s the sun that keeps popping out every few hours or the Instagrams pics flooding the social media sites. Images of Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Katie Perry, Rita Ora etc, but I've noticed a real increase in vibrant and colourful hairstyles. Regardless of who, why or what, the plethora of rainbow topped people has been enough to influence me to seek a new hair colour again and Fudge is my weapon of choice, I’m going hard.

I have had my hair in an array of different colours over the years, from blue to green, to red, to purple, gold and even a khaki kind of green etc. But the vibrancy of the colours that the Fudge Paintbox offers is on another level. I wasn’t a hundred per cent sure of the colour I wanted or how vibrant it would be, however, with Fudge you the ability to use the colours alone or mix with others to get the exact colour you are looking for. Add the Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale to your colour, this will tone down bright hair colours and create pastels! It can be added to any Fudge Paintbox hair dye to change the intensity and give more pastel tones.

Right now I’m thinking of going back to my all-time favourite of reddish/purple. So I’ve got Cherry Bomb and Blue Velvet. I’ve seen the Cherry Bomb on similar hair colouring to mine (dark brown/black) and it looked amazing. I know if I use peroxide on my hair first, when I use the dye the result will be even more dramatic, but for the look I’m going for, that won’t be necessary, I want a more subtle tone. However, consider this if the impact you require is for your colour to come out brighter and more vibrant.

My recommended plan of attack:

  • Mix the R Cherry Bomb & Blue Velvet together. NB: don’t forget your disposable gloves
  • Apply to roots with my trusty hair-dying brush and then all over. NB: Remember to be careful to avoid the skin/scalp.
  • Cover with a plastic bag/shower cap/SOMETHING to avoid staining while the colour takes.
  • Use my Ego hairdryer (if you don’t have one, get one. They are the best ever) on a low setting for a short period, 5-10 mins, to help the colour develop
  • Leave for about half an hour, but do so for anything between 15 – 30 minutes depending on how bright you wish your hair to be (the longer the brighter). Because I’m not using peroxide on my hair first, I’m going to leave it for the longest time.
  • rinse hair with warm water then shampoo and condition.

The quality of this hair dye is accentuated by the soft texture and shine it should leave your hair with. Carefully designed, the Paintbox products have no ammonia or peroxide and therefore will condition your hair whilst colouring it, leaving no damage!

I’m so excited to use this dye that I’m going to go and do it now. Buy your favourite Paintbox colour/colours and let me know how it worked for you.

I’m off to become a reddish/purple head!

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