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New Year Arrivals

New Year, New Arrivals

5th February 2016

The start of the New Year can bring many new entities for many people, whether it be going to the gym, giving up alcohol, or simply trying new things. One thing I love about cosmetics is that there is always something fresh to try, and after the first month of the New Year, there has already been some great products released from the likes of OPI, Dermalogica, Jane Iredale and Tangle Teezer. I have tried these products and they’re so great I thought I’d spread the word!

OPI Hello Kitty 2016

The OPI Hello Kitty 2016 collection is one of the collections I just had to rave about! Everyone knows Hello Kitty, and everyone knows OPI, so the two of them joining forces was always going to be a great success! The colours they came out with are pretty, cute and clean, just like the Kitty herself!

The Hello Kitty range covers everything from creamy colours, nice textures and shimmery goodness, and there are also box sets including more Swarovski crystals which is always a plus!

All the colours on their own are exceptional; there's the soft cuteness of the 'Look at My Bow' and 'Small + Cute = Heart' that contrasts with the more bold and bright 'My Pal Joey' and 'My Twin Mimmy', but you can also coat each of these with the glitter based 'Kitty White' to add that extra twinkle to your nails- whichever ones you decide to go with, they're gonna look great!

OPI and Hello Kitty is a great collaboration and as this range is only around for a limited time I would suggest stocking up! You will rarely use more than 2-3 coats each time for a fine glossy finish, so these are also varnishes which will last for a while and they all come with the OPI pro wide brush, meaning that you can apply the polish quickly and effectively!

Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer

It's always exciting when Dermalogica come out with a new product, and especially when there is little choice when it comes to primers. When I heard that the new HydraBlur Primer was available, I knew I had to try it instantly, and when I did, I was very impressed!

This amazing primer is suitable for all skin types, it not only hydrates your skin but also creates a smooth and even surface, to make sure your makeup can be applied flawlessly and lasts throughout the day. It also has an incredible blurring effect reduces the appearances of pores and fine lines. Even if you decide to go without makeup, the pore-refining mushroom extract combined with the tint that it contains leaves you fresh faced with an added glow!

Another great trait about this product is the fact that my skin never feels dry at any point during the day. All thanks to the H2 complex in the primer which the product drip feeds into the skin throughout the day, so it's constantly working to keep the skin hydrated– incredible stuff!

Another truly innovative product from Dermalogica that I just LOVEEE! The HydraBlur Primer should be a must have to your collection as it's something you can use daily, it's long lasting, hydrating and natural looking – oh and has a fabulous matte finish leaving you looking flawless, it is definitely something that I would recommend anyone to try at least once!

Jane Iredale 'In the Blink of a Smoky Eye' Kit

One of the latest in the Jane Iredale range, the 'In the Blink of a Smokey Eye' kit is a beautiful and reliable kit. As for the brand, we know that Jane Iredale products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free without compromising on quality- which is why I find myself constantly returning to it.

This Smoky Eye kit is ideal mainly because of the variety that it carries, as well as the practicality; you can take it with you anywhere and not worry about damaging the packaging or the contents- just toss it in your bag!

So what’s in the box? When you open the handy kit, you'll find a nifty booklet providing various instructions on different Smoky Eye techniques and on the other side is where all the magic happens- the 8 shadows, mirror and application brush.

The 'In the Blink of a Smoky Eye' kit is a great all round kit and can be used by pretty much anyone, as it contains 3 lovely neutral colours: Bone, Pure Gold & Dawn, which you can use daily for that natural look, and if you decide to be slightly more adventurous, or just want to add some colour & texture to your eyes, you can make use of the 5 other colours- Rose Gold, Iris, Forest, Double Expresso & Ebony. This also works both ways: if you’re a colour enthusiast, there is a nice spread of colours to choose from, and if you feel like being less daring, the base colours are good enough for any occasion!

Like most Jane Iredale eye kits, the 'In the Blink of a Smokey Eye’ kit contains shadows with fine pigment, and the colours blend with ease which means that you'll be easily able to create the look that you're after. I also found that when used over a primer, the powder lasts so long that you’ll rarely have to worry about it whilst you're out!

I would definitely suggest trying this kit as it's a great, high quality all round product, easy for when you're on the move and as it's from Jane Iredale, we know we will always see results!

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer hairbrushes have swiftly made their way into many households in the last couple of years and it's easy to see why – they do exactly what they say on the tin, they look great and they are affordable. I could go into detail, but all you need to know is that they work! Whether you choose to go for the Compact Styler or Full Paddle, you will always see results. Whichever colour you choose, you won't be disappointed, but if you want the very latest ones, then I would go for the Salon Elite Highlighter range- 3 great new colours for a great hairbrush!

This should be a useful guideline about what products to get hold of this year! I certainly have not been disappointed by any of these and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking!

**Happy 2016!**

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