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Rescue Me

13th Apr 2015

You know what it’s like throughout winter, the gloves are constantly on and off. And as the saying goes, ‘what the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel’. But now the gloves are beginning to come off and the eyes are seeing. Things are changing; we can feel it, YES, YES! Spring is upon us!

OMG!! It’s time to spring into action and RESCUERXx™ those hidden winter nails!

RESCUERXx™, another amazing product from CND, is a beautifully smelling keratin treatment that has been specifically created to repair weakened or damaged nails, by treating cracking, peeling, splitting nails and white spots. The treatment, infused with jojoba oil and almond oil, carries keratin proteins. For those of you not in the know, keratin is the natural protein that can be found in our nails and hair. Once it is applied to the damaged or weakened nails, it bonds with the natural keratin within, to strengthen the nails whilst restoring moisture.

Now, my nails were in bad shape, but since using CND’s RESCUERXx™, I have noticed a huge change. It has dramatically reduced any of my peeling and white spots on my toes and hands, making my nails much healthier and more presentable! For the most effective results apply it twice a day by massaging it into the entire nail and cuticle. It is recommended to use on the bare, natural nail, and you should bear in mind that it will not penetrate through nail enhancements. I used it for 2 weeks and started seeing results, but it can be used for 1 and ideally up to at least 4 weeks for the best results.

Now I know there are those of you reading this that are die hard CND SolarOil™ fans. Believe me, I get it!! But fear not, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. The two oils are so very unique in their primary functions but mesh together perfectly. The aim of the SolarOil™ is to maintain suppleness and provide healthy feeling nails. Whereas, the RESCUERXx™ has a repair function where treatment is necessary for damaged, weakened nails. And don’t forget, SolarOil™ is suitable to continue to be used even whilst wearing a nail polish and nail enhancements.

Ensure your hands and nails get that full-on winter repair treatment to ensure they are in tip-top condition as you reach for your flip-flops! Check out PURA’s Speciality Manicure’s… The perfect start to your RESCUERXx™ journey.

And for those who like the science bit, please see the trial results below;

Clinical Trial Results
Scientifically and legally verifiable facts

After 1 week of application twice daily

  • 70% Noticed Nails Felt Thicker
  • 80% White Spots less noticeable
  • 80% Felt Condition of Nail Noticeably Improved

After 4 weeks of application twice daily:

  • 73% Decrease in Splitting
  • 80% Decrease in Peeling
  • 69% Experienced a Decrease in White Patches

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