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Environ Range

Secret of Celebrities

6th July 2015

Today, I'm going to talk about a company that promotes wellness and focuses on improving skin unlike any other. This company has always provided a great deal of interest for me personally, as the reviews have been nothing but prodigious and even somewhat intimidating! Previously described as “the holy grail of skincare”, “fantastic, well worth the price” and “A wonderful product”. Not to mention that they have been heavily endorsed by a number of brilliant celebrity representatives, Sadie Frost and Hilary Swank to name a few. So, without further ado, let me present Environ! Environ products are part of the 'The International Institute for Anti-Ageing' (IIAA) skincare line, which amalgamates beauty therapy, nutrition and medical grade ingredients. This is done in conjunction with their Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP) skin supplements line.

My skin has never been terrible, but I have never been completely satisfied with its condition, particularly on my face. I've been through so many so called miracle products before it's a miracle I've not worn away to the bone/through my epidermis. Following the research I did for skincare products to alleviate wrinkles, repress some heavy spots and protect my skin pores, it only made sense to contact Environ. It should be noted here that you can't purchase any Environ products over the internet as you must first fulfill a consultation prior to purchase.

Once I heard from the professionals, I followed their advice and visited the salon for my first treatment, to get an experienced application before I did so myself. To start me off, they only used a few products and to be honest, I was so satisfied with how they made my skin feel, I continued this minimalist approach.

The Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy Range (AVST) instantly made an impact on my skin where I could feel some form of rejuvination. I started on the AVST 1, the formula with the least amount of vitamin A. Most people will start on this preliminary level, but ensure you follow your advisors information, they will determine whether you can start on another AVST level and when you can advance to the next product. Another product utilised whilst receiving my first few Environ treatments was the Alpha Hydroxy cream. This contains both glycol and lactic acids which really helps in exfoliating pores and improving the skin's texture.

From my own experiences of a number of the AVST moisturizers (I've now progressed to AVST 3) I can testify that the next generation of results driven skincare for skin of any age has arrived.

One of the key benefits I found of using the AVST moisturisers is that they compliment the use of make-up, nullifying the combat between make-up and the horrible oiliness many other moisturisers leave. The AVST moisturisers incorporate a step-up program consisting of a series of combined serums and moisturisers together in 5 convenient little bottles. The regime gradually increases its active ingredients of vitamins and antioxidants from the lowest concentrations in AVST 1, to the highest in AVST 5.

If you have had a consultation prior to reading this, or been told about Environ before, you may be able to tell by the sheer potency and strength of these products, there has been a great deal of scientific research and dedication encapsulated within each of these bottles. Infact, Environ's AVST range are probably the most complex and concisely constructed products I have ever used! This, however, simply filled me with curiosity (and biscuits coincidently as the research for the products took hours!). Not to worry though, i'll provide you with a quick condensed version and for those who want a more descriptive picture,see below in 'the science';

The brilliant directors that created these products employed vitamin A as the lead role, along with a supporting cast of powerful antioxidants. The other ingredients of each AVST include vitamin E, vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Roobios Tea Extracts, Resveratrol and Beta- Carotene. Antioxidants have a specific purpose here, which is to protect our skin against radicals. These radicals have the potential to create severe cellular damage. As the Environ Antioxidants duel with these radicals, they also reduce the aging impact that the radicals can have on your skin.

Over the months that I have used the AVST range along with the Alpha Hydroxy cream, I have noticed a real difference on my face. My skin doesn't just look more youthful but also feels much more supple and elastic. There has been a considerable drop in the redness of my skin, it has become a lot less susceptible to flaring up in the heat too! I think I have for once found my miracle cream...

The science;

As well as the presence of antioxidants, there are a number of vitamin C variables that produce the Environ lotions. Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate are all forms of vitamin C involved and work to regulate the synthesis of collagen by providing a regulatory role to the propagation of collagen (stabilizing their growth and adding to their own natural properties).

In the Environ AVST forumla, the vitamin A is curated as retinyl palmitate (a synthetic alternative). Retinyl palmitate is absorbed by the skin where naturally occurring enzymes are left to work their magic. They convert this special ingredient into its biologically active form of retinoic acid which has direct roles in the repair of skin damage. It does this by stimulating growth and division of skin cells called keratinocytes.

The vitamins may be the most concentrated ingredient of these moisturisers, however, Resveratrol also has a significant impact. The reservatrol in the AVST products help leave your skin looking firmer and fresher, with increasing visible results as you graduate through the various stages. It is due to these types of ingredients that AVST is so suitable for all skin types and younger or older skin.

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