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Spring Fling

30th Apr 2015

I love this time of year, the point where spring and summer seem in contention, where, although we've only recently entered the second season, you can feel the anticipation of summer. The sun's out, but it's not quite hot...the coats are left in the wardrobe, but you still need a we've done well to avoid April showers… so far.

You can feel summer approaching and I, for one, cannot wait!!

One thing I know with this type of weather is very soon I will be getting feet out! Yes, they have been secluded and locked down during the winter. Yes, they have grown accustomed to being shrouded by my smooth, warm, socks and shoes. But it's their time to be out in world!!

Yes, yes, I know, my relationship with my feet sounds a bit dramatic, but I relish the time when I can get my sandals or flip-flops out. But I confess it takes a few steps to convert from the winter wraps to...suitable for public viewing.

If I had to choose my method of foot rescue, it would be a Luxury Spa pedicure, specifically designed for dry and hard skin. As the title states, it’s a very luxurious treatment. With an exfoliation that breaks down and reduces the hard, rough skin of my feet, a masque that nourishes all the way from my cuticles though to my ankles, and a moisturising and replenishing treatment that soothes the soles of my feet and toes. Just to top things off with this treatment, there is a brilliant foot massage that truly leaves my feet feeling fresh and ready for the world. Simply put, you NEED to do this.

So now my feet feel good, I want them to look good. It is always a delight to see that my favourite brands stay up to date and keep me guessing as to what exciting new products they will be bringing out next. And there are few that do this like OPI. As an avid OPI user, I frequently search for their latest and greatest, as I know they move with the times and more importantly, the seasons. I was a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey collection, Nordic collection and Gwen Stefani collection. But the OPI Hawaii collection is hands-down my favourite to date. It's not just the quirky names that OPI never seem to run out of or the consistency with how good the actual product is in terms of its durability, but, this range really embodies the summer time vibe I have been looking forward to.

The dynamic range, resembling a rainbow with an extra boost, has something for everyone, from the rustic red of “Aloha from OPI” to the bold blue of “This Colours Making Waves”. My personal favourite and the option I initially went with is “Suzi Shops & Island Hops”, a beautiful light shaded pink. Within this range is even a polish that resembles the beaches of somewhere as tropical and warm as Hawaii in their “Pineapples Have Peelings Too!” I honestly believe OPI really hit the nail on the head with the Hawaii range as these colours accentuate that summery feeling, whilst also comprising of darker colours to ensure everyone can try something they enjoy!

Now my feet are ready for the world and I should note, these polishes look brilliant on the fingertips too. I just hope the English weather holds up!

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