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St Tropez Summer

St.Tropez Summer

11th March 2016

With summer slowly creeping up on us, it is about time for us ladies to enter the season how we wish to exit it… Tanned! Since we barely get much sunbathing done here in England, fake tan can be a great way to add some colour to your skin, even before your summer holidays!

Fake tanning is a widely debated subject, and there are often lots of preconceptions and misconceptions that can be dismissive and misleading for some people, but with some great new products on the market, these ill-informed people are truly missing out. Specifically speaking, I feel that St.Tropez Tan have revolutionised the way we fake tan, and have made it into an easy, flexible way to control just how sunkissed you want to be!

Some argue that getting a spray tan is the best form of fake tanning; however, with a new range of home tanning products from St.Tropez, the traditional form of in-salon tanning is now facing some fierce competition! Personally, I find spray tanning can be messy & sometimes even dangerous - there have been times where it has stained my clothes, and there are some chemicals in a typical spray-on tan formula which can be harmful if inhaled… We've all seen that episode of Friends, right? Due to the way our skin works, these tans only last for a few days, which means topping it up over and over again can be money and time consuming. The latest St.Tropez products eliminate all of these disadvantages, and I have decided to write about them to spread the word about how their creams and lotions are different from the rest.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion

If you told me last year that you could use tanning products in the shower, I probably wouldn't ever have believed you! The Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion is the first of its kind and I feel like this is the start of a new breed of self-tan products.

It's extremely simple to use- you shower as you would normally, taking a small interval to apply the lotion. This should be done with the shower off, and once applied generously, leave it on for just 3 minutes before rinsing- it's as easy as that!

The in shower lotion is formulated to ensure that there is a streak-free finish, and that the skin is kept hydrated throughout the day. There are also no pungent smells which may be present in other fake tan products- all round it is a great lotion.

Another aspect of the gradual tan lotion that really impressed me was the ability for it to continuously top up and intensify my tan. After applying in the shower, and after having gently dried myself, the self-tan actives start to work allowing the skin to absorb the formula for hours after application- and you can dictate how brown you wish to become, as the tan becomes more visible with daily use.

This really is the future for self-tanning and home tanning, and it is a great, affordable and convenient way to keep your skin looking sunkissed and glowing!

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion

Another great addition to the St.Tropez family, this time in the form of a more traditional lotion. Although this is a gradual tan product, the lotion gives you an instant hit of bronze which immediately gives your skin that extra glow, whilst hydrating the skin and blurring any imperfections. Like the in shower lotion, this can also be applied daily to gradually build up a deep, solid tan – so solid that your friends will ask you where you’ve been on holiday!

The gradual tan lotion is streak free and easy to apply, and contains the all new 'Aromaguard Fragrance Technology' (AFT) which means that it does not have and unwanted odours, but a surprisingly pleasant smell- an addition that can be found in the new St.Tropez products.

To get the best out of this lotion, and to maintain it in the most effective way, I recommend exfoliating regularly. You can also use it on the face, but if you are worried for any reason, then I would suggest using the Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream or the Self Tan Classic Bronzing Face Lotion.

St.Tropez Untinted Range

The newest formula that St.Tropez have brought us, and definitely the most discreet and natural finish I have seen from any fake tan products! The Untinted range comes in the form of two textures – mousse and lotion.

Both are easy to apply like the rest of the St.Tropez products, but without the tint, the tan appears more subtle and even less artificial. Again, there are no unwanted odours, meaning that you can tan in the morning and carry on your day as normal, and the high standard of the product is shown when applied, as it is smooth, streak-free and doesn't clog in common areas like the elbows or knees. All of these traits apply however the quality of the tan is not compromised- and like the other new tanning agents, you can reapply as much as you like to get the skin colour you desire!

If you are sceptical about using fake tan (like I once was!), I hope that the above can change your opinion! I believe that using these products are a far safer alternative than sunbeds and spray tans, and the fact that you can dictate how tanned you want to be from the comfort of your own home really makes the whole thing far more relaxed and convenient.

I can't see myself using any other fake tan products- St.Tropez are a well-known, trustworthy brand used by celebrities, professionals and bloggers all over the Country, and you won't have to spend days and days sunbathing to achieve the colour you want!

So go ahead and try it for yourself, and get ahead of the competition before the summer starts!

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