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Tan Safely

1st July 2014

Wow we've had a few days of beautiful sunshine, could this be the start of summer?

We all enjoy the sun, whatever age, male or female. There is something that happens when it starts to shine. Tops go down on the roof of cars, music is louder and people smile more... The sun just makes you feel good... happy.

But wait, whist we are enjoying the benefits of this beautiful orb, let's not be ignorant of its dangers. Yes I said it ... the sun is dangerous, it is a silent assassin.

As we walk around with this sun kissed glow looking and feeling good, we need to remember that a tan is actually the visible result of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that the sun emits. In our desire for the bronzed look we have even developed ways of bringing this radiation indoors by way of sunbeds. The result from both this natural and artificial light is skin cell damage.

Additional side effects are the premature aging of skin (wrinkles, brown spots, leathery skin) and of course, skin cancer. Sadly those that tan are 74% more likely to suffer skin cancer from indoor tanning than those who have never tried it.

Even though we are aware of the dangerous side of the sun, a survey carried out by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) found that 72% of respondents associated a tan with looking healthy. Teenagers also connect a tan with beauty and attractiveness. And according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, less than half of teenagers use sunscreen. Experts at the skin care brand, Dermalogica, claim that the majority of sun damage has occurred in by the age of 18, this is because the natural process of cells altering and dividing in children and teenagers occurs at a much faster pace than in adults.

So now that we have managed to turn you against the sun, how do you achieve that wanted healthy, attractive glow and still remain safe?

  1. Exfoliation

    This is a must; the process removes dead skin cells leaving you with an even tone and surface. It also removes dirt and oil from clogged pores and even helps to prevent acne. The added benefit: The less dead cells, the longer your tan will last.

  2. Fake Tan

    This is how you achieve the look SAFELY! In order to get the best sun-kissed looks without going through the usual 'turning red' first palaver. For best results let a professional carry out this process for you.

  3. Sun Protection

    Contrary to beliefs you can still tan with a sunscreen. A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) will extend the time that you can spend in the sun without suffering its adverse effects. However, an SPF will only protect you against UVB which are the rays that cause burning and redness. In order to gain full protection against UVB and UVA, the rays that can cause premature aging etc, you should use a broad spectrum sunscreen.

    Those of us that have dark skin have a natural melanin level equivalent to SPF 13.4 compared to lighter skin that has a natural SPF of 3.4. However, dark skin is not immune to the requirements of sunscreen, so slap it on just like everyone else.

  4. Eyes & head

    The eyes and the skin around them are just as susceptible to the harms of UV rays, which can result in cataracts, degeneration eye cancer and more. To protect your eyes you should choose sunglasses that are described as having a UV absorption level of 400nm. Couple this with a hat (preferably with a wide brim) this will protect your ears, eyes, nose and scalp.

  5. After Sun

    After spending a great day in the sun, soaking up the rays (safely), you need to allow your body time to recover. So before exposing that beautiful skin to the sun again give it time to repair itself. You can speed things along and give it a helping hand, why not try Dermalogica's After Sun repair.

Follow these steps to a healthy, enjoyable, beautifully tanned summer!

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