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ARK Age Repair Smoothing Exfoliator

ARK > ARK Age Repair Smoothing Exfoliator

A leave-on exfoliator which releases dead skin cells and cleans up the skin's surface while blurring fine lines and lightening the skin.


• Softens and cocoons the skin, with Velvet Flower Seed extract and high levels of amino acids and essential minerals, promoting elasticity and firmness and slowing down the signs of ageing. 

• Leaves skin with an optimal smoothness, softness and clarity. 

• Includes Gojiberry, one of the richest antioxidant herbs. Native to China, this exotic superfruit is nicknamed the "happy berry" because it is said to induce well-being, increase vitality and strength and protect the body from ageing.



Apply to dampened face and neck as a mask, taking care to form a thin, even layer but avoiding the eye area. Exfoliating mask will dry on the skin after 5 - 10 minutes and leave a silky feel. Do not rinse off. Follow immediately with age repair moisturiser.


AGE Repair Range

50s and beyond Support for mature skin with established signs of age.

We are now at a stage when our skin has established signs of age, showing increased loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation and inflammation. We must do our best to help repair the skin with the most intensive anti-ageing, antioxidant and skin-brightening ingredients. Age repair products are designed specifically for those in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!

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