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Mi Salon Series Mi Salon Series Ceramic Vent Brush

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The Mi Salon Series Vent Brush is designed with a light weight structure creating superb balance for the professional stylist. Great to use on wet or dry hair, to brush out knots, or to blow dry.


The smooth polished ball pins on the bristles are perfect in providing comfort when brushing. With heat-resistant bristles and vents for heat to pass through, this brush is a must have tool for blow drying



  • Soft Touch Technology - Designed with high quality soft touch materials perfect for the demanding professional.

  • Nano Silver - Antimicrobial protection coating for incredible shine and to help eliminate bacteria.

  • Smooth Polished Edge Bristles - Helps the brush hold the hair and is soft and kind to the scalp.

  • Ceramic Coated Aluminium Barrel - Creates negatively charged ions to control and maintain healthy hair.

  • Heat Resistant Bristles - A super heat resistant nylon that improves durability for the professional stylist. 

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