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Mi Salon Series Mi Salon Series Ceramic barrel Brush

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The Mi Salon Series Ceramic Barrel Brushes are the perfect tools to style your hair. This brush is the perfect choice for styling medium-long length hair and layers, and to create maximum volume.


The Mi Salon Series Barrel Brushes come in a variety of sizes to suit the need of any professional stylist. The Ceramic coating enables frictionless styling whilst helping maintain healthy manageable hair and also enables heat syling to last by retaining heat for longer.


Rounded bristle edges help the brush hold onto hair without damage whilst being soft and kind to the scalp.



  • Internal 4 Twist Wire Technology - Professional industry strength brushes minimise bristle loss.

  • Nano Silver - Antimicrobial protection coating for incredible shine and to help eliminate bacteria.

  • Smooth Polished Edge Bristles - Helps the brush hold the hair and is soft and kind to the scalp.

  • Ceramic Coated Aluminium Barrel - Creates negatively charged ions to control and maintain healthy hair.

  • Heat Resistant Bristles - A super heat resistant nylon that improves durability for the professional stylist.

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Size: 25mm
£ 14.00

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