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OPI Acetone Free Polish Remover

OPI > OPI Acetone Free Polish Remover

Moisturising Aloe Vera formula quickly and effectively removes all traces of nail lacquer without dissolving artificial nails.


OPI's gentle and effective selection of lacquer removal products ensure that all lacquer is taken off quickly and easily, leaving nails bare and beautiful.


Luxurious formula will remove even the most stubborn of colours. Acetone free, it is ideal for use on artificial nails as it won't dissolve them, plus it is enriched with Aloe Vera to hydrate nails as you clean them.


How To Use:

  • Press a saturated OPI Nail Wipe on the nail a few seconds to soften nail lacquer and wipe clean.

  • For lacquer removal use a small amount with lint free Expert Touch Wipes. 

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Size: 450ml
£ 13.99

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