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St.Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Face Light/Medium


St. Tropez > St.Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Face Light/Medium


This wonderfully light moisturiser is easily absorbed and cleverly combines skin care benefits with a touch of self tan. Infused with aloe vera and the innovative aromaguard fragrance technology, this product will hydrate your skin, eliminate the tell-tale self tan aroma by 70% and build up a a gradual tan over time.

How to Use

  • Gently and evenly massage this lightweight lotion into clean, dry skin

  • Be careful to avoid the eyebrows and blend in carefully around your hairline

  • Wait a few minutes for the lotion to absorb before applying make-up

  • Wash your hands throughly after use

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Size: 50ml
£ 10.50

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