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Tisserand Aromatherapy Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil

Tisserand > Tisserand Aromatherapy Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil

Distilled from the leaves of the tree grown in Australia, Tea-Tree is a powerful, bracing and antibacterial oil with a fresh herby aroma. Ideal in skin care preparations to deep cleanse and improve the balance of the skin. Blends well with Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary. Before using essential oils, please read the Essential Oil Safety information. You will find this on the leaflet inside the oil carton.


HOW TO USE: There are various ways to use essential oils, whether for their therapeutic properties, to enhance well-being or purely for pleasure.


Massage: There is nothing quite like a massage to make you feel soothed or energised. As pure essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin, they need to be diluted first. To do this, mix up to 5 drops of pure essential oil, or blend of oils, per 10mls (one tablespoon) of vegetable oil or lotion blending base.

Bathing: Bathing with pure essential oils is one of the easiest and most enjoyable forms of therapy. Just before getting into a full bath, add 8-10 drops of essential oil, or blend of oils, then agitate the water to disperse. While you relax in the bath, the skin absorbs a small amount of oil and the heat of the water slowly evaporates the rest.

Vaporisation: The evaporative properties of pure essential oils make them ideal for use in a vaporiser. To create the ambience of your choice, simply add 6-12 drops of essential oil to your favourite Tisserand vaporiser - perfect for the home or workplace.

Inhalation: Some pure essential oils, such as eucalyptus with its wonderful clearing properties, are ideal for inhalation. Add 3-5 drops of pure essential oil to a bowl of very hot water (not boiling) and inhale the vapour for 5-10 minutes. If this method is not convenient, simply add 1-2 drops of essential oil to a tissue and inhale - ideal if you are out and about.


Essential Oil Safety Information: As essential oils are highly concentrated, it is important not to exceed the number of recommended drops. Essential oils should never be taken internally without seeking the advice of a professional practitioner. With all essential oils, even when diluted, contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes should be avoided. If however oil does get into the eyes, wash them immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Bergamot essential oil should not be used before exposure to the sun or a sunbed. Lemongrass, Citronella, May Chang and tea-tree should not be used on children under two years old or on sensitive skin.


When massaging children under 6 years old, no more than 2 drops of essential oil per 10mls (two teaspoons) of vegetable oil or lotion blending base should be used, and no more than 2 drops of essential oil should be added to their bath or vaporiser. Essential oils, even when diluted, should be used with caution on children under two years old. All pure essential oils should be kept out of reach of children. If a child accidentally swallows any essential oil, seek urgent medical attention. If you have a skin condition, are pregnant, have epilepsy or asthma, are on a course of treatment with prescribed medication, or are in any doubt about any condition you may have, it is important that you seek the advice of a doctor or suitable practitioner before using pure essential oils.



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