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Pura Reward Points

Pura Reward Points

How it Works:

Every Client gets Rewards points as soon as they start spending money. These reward points can then be converted to Vouchers or payment towards an order at a ratio of 5:1. Therefore: 

Spending £100 at Pura will = 25 points which can be redeemed for £5 Vouchers.

You can use your Pura points on our web site as part or full payment towards the purchase of products.

Pura points are only earned on goods purchased, therefore if part or all of an order has points redeemed against it, you will only gain points on the payment value, not on the total order value. 

The above points example is a guide and the actual points you will receive for £100 may vary and is confirmed in your shopping basket before completing a purchase.

Reward points are automatically added to your account upon the dispatch of your order.

Pura Member

You automatically become a member of Pura when you start spending with us. Once you earn points you can redeem them against various incentives.

This is very much appreciated. I thought as soon as soon as I opened the parcel that you must have been the one packing the order, as you know me a bit, my tastes and my habits; am I right to think so? Angelique, this is good customer service! Watch this space, I should be needing to order more products very soon!


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